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Since 1998, our customers have been enjoying high quality organic honey produced by Apidey LLC
The main directions of the company's production activities are:
of honey
Purchase of honey from beekeepers.

The quality of honey must comply with the regulatory and technical documents for natural honey in force in the Russian Federation, GOST 19792-2017 and TR CU 21/2011.

Purchase prices for honey depend on the honey harvest of the current year, seasonal demand, and botanical origin. The price for each consignment of goods is agreed upon separately.

Payment is made within the time period established in accordance with the concluded supply agreement, by bank transfer by transferring funds to the Seller's account.

of the organic honey
Honey production at the company's own apiaries located in ecologically clean southern regions of Russia, where a large number of nectar-bearing plants with medicinal properties grow - up to 50 tons per season;
Productive capacity packaging workshop up to 360 tons per year.

Everyone knows that honey, in addition to excellent taste, also has healing properties, which are due to its biological nature. Therefore, it is very important to be able to preserve these qualities and properties.

Our company pays special attention to monitoring the quality of honey at all stages of its production. The production has a quality management system in accordance with the principles of HACCP (food quality control at all stages of production). Equipment, raw materials, containers, packaging materials are subject to control).

The technology for preparing raw materials in our production, as well as manual packing of honey, allow us to maximally preserve the beneficial properties and uniqueness of each type of honey, which allows us to meet the demand of buyers with different taste preferences.

The quality of the products - natural honey, meets the requirements of GOST and technical regulations of the Customs Union, which is confirmed by the declaration of conformity and test reports.

Wholesale supply
Wholesale supply:

- Packaged honey - up to 30 tons per month;
- Loose honey - up to 20 tons per month

with subsequent deliveries to the domestic market and export sales.

The consumers of our products are the Auchan and Lenta retail chains and the Solnechny Krug stores. The products are widely available in Belarus, Georgia and Azerbaijan. The company has experience of working under the trademark and has been working with JSC "Tander" for 6 years.

Accompanying documents
For individuals:

- veterinary certificate (in the Mercury system);

- a certificate from the local administration about the presence of an apiary in the personal subsidiary farm, indicating the address of residence, passport data of the owner;

- apiary passport (photocopy);

- personal passport of the owner (photocopy of pages with passport data, photo, with registration mark);

- details of the current account for the transfer of funds.

For legal entities:

- delivery agreement;

- packing list; - consignment note;

- invoice;

- veterinary certificate (in the Mercury system)

since 1998 year
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